If you're FED UP with trying diet after diet after diet




Mel Gibson didn't believe anything would ever work for him either ... until he met me!

Yep!!  I'm the one who called him out for having a spare tyre!!  He said "I've tried everything, what makes you so different?" and I told him the first thing I would teach him was how to eat properly.  He rolled his eyes and said "I know how to eat properly!" so I told him that if he did we wouldn't be sitting here having a chat about his huge belly!  TRUE STORY!!

He did everything I asked him to, and he lost 30lbs (14kg) and 10 inches (27cm) off his waist in eight weeks WITHOUT DIETING!

I don't have to diet?? COUNT ME IN NOW!

What do you mean, 'without dieting'???

Just imagine how amazing it would be if you could:

  • shed the stubborn inches and keep them off
  • kick the 3pm energy slump
  • teach your body to stop storing excess fat - naturally!
  • ditch your cravings for good
  • have all day energy & mental clarity
  • look and feel great in your clothes ... you might even need new ones!

all while eating REAL food and plenty of it!


Well, imagine no more because it IS possible to have it all! 


Introducing the Peak Physique Club ... 

THOUSANDS of men and women have had life-changing success in my Peak Physique Club - they look fantastic, they feel amazing, their skin glows, they have all day energy & clarity without cravings and they know that no food is off the menu!!  After being miserable on so many diets, the Peak Physique Club is a breath of fresh air that delivers the results you have always wanted - for life!

And yes - you CAN teach your body to not store excess fat ... it's easy, and it means you actually eat MORE not less!!

No shakes, no pills, no supplements and always using food you can easily find at your supermarket - the Peak Physique Club is easy, affordable and sustainable forever!

I want to look and feel amazing without dieting!

What makes the Peak Physique Club different??

I'm going to teach you how to EAT, not STARVE ... and get better results!!

You want to lose inches, increase your energy & mental clarity, feel fantastic and love the way your clothes fit??


If you're restricting and starving yourself you're going to feel like rubbish, you'll be tired all the time, craving sugar and not smiling at yourself in the mirror.  The only way to teach your gorgeous body to increase energy and release excess stored fat is to be nourished ... and not with fancy schmancy ingredients that are hard to find but REAL FOOD that tastes amazing and plenty of it!


I can lose inches without starving myself on a diet?? I'M IN!!!

Don't like working out with weights?

Neither did Kenny D ...

Kenny didn't use weights, dumbbells, barbells or machines when he trained with me - they're just not his style.  Kenny used resistance bands at home instead and in eight weeks went from (in his words) 'a sad, unhealthy pudgy little tubby bear' to a SUPER DAD!!  

Exercise YOUR WAY in YOUR SPACE in YOUR TIME - and still get the results you're after, just like Kenny did!

I want these results!

You just want your YOU back?

Just like Chantelle T did ...

In Chantelle's words - "The girl on the left was burnt out, eating for comfort and very tired! Now I am feeling super energised and happy.  Food + training + mindset = results"

In just eight weeks, Chantelle found her energy, her zest for life and in the process lost 6kg (13lbs) and 13cm (5in) off her waist!

Where has this been all my life??

No food is off the menu!

Let me introduce you

to Pete C ...

Having a strong Italian background, pasta and crusty sourdough bread is Pete's life-force.  It's not just a 'meal' to Pete, it's a love language that feeds his family.  And on the weekends, Pete's hobby is barbecuing and smoking brisket.  Naturally he didn't want to sacrifice the delicious traditions that make him who he is ... and he never did!

Pete lost 15cm (6in) off his waist and 10kg (22lbs) ... and reduced his neck size enough that he no longer snores! (you're welcome, Mrs C!).

Pasta, bread, rice and potatoes (yep, even the white ones!) are all on the menu every day ... as they always should have been!

You had me at pasta ...

Join Now!

Everything you need so you NEVER diet again!

With the results you have always wanted but never been able to achieve. Don't wait to get your ...

  • Weekly Bonus Coaching Videos where you can have your questions answered by Sam!
  • Downloadable tools, trackers and resources every week - yours to keep!
  • Six exercise programs, complete with full instruction videos from Sam!
  • Weekly downloadable workbooks to¬†break down all the complex information out there and make it simple and do-able!
  • Recipes and food hacks every week - plus a Graduation Pack with extra bonus recipes!
  • Two bonus modules to give you some fun challenges!
I want it all now!!

 Lose inches and gain energy in The Peak Physique Club!

No dieting, shakes or starving and no spending endless hours slogging it out in the gym!


So say goodbye to being exhausted, starving and cranky, say goodbye to diets that continue to let you down and leave you miserable ... and say hello to eating your favourite foods, having high energy and loving how you look & feel!

Start when YOU are ready - no need to wait for an intake, you can jump on in and have immediate access to your first week right now!

It's YOUR time to get your YOU back. What are you waiting for?

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If we haven't met before ...


You might have seen me in The West Australian Newspapers, or on The Morning Show, Sunrise, Channel 7 news, Channel 9 News and Channel 10's Studio10 ... I run the health transformation programs for Channel 7's news and morning television and I'm their 'go to' spokesperson for all things health & fitness related.  Plus you've probably heard my voice on my regular segments on ABC Radio, the Triple M network, Curtin University Radio, 6PR Perth and The Breeze New Zealand!

It's an absolute privilege to be trusted to talk about what makes us truly healthy ... and I get to debunk a few myths and fad diets while I'm at it!

Don't take my word for it

Check out what these fabulous superstars had to say ...

"It was kind of a miracle, really ... at least I fit in the mirror now!

Mel Gibson

Award Winning Actor & Director

"I was nervous at first, but then my clothes started fitting better and then I needed new ones after losing 33cm off my measurements!  I have my smile and my energy back!

Beth B


"Honestly the most positive thing I have ever done for myself and my family was listen to Sam - I gained my life back! I lost 20cm off my waist and 14.8kg, that always helps!"

Ross S

Business Owner

"EVERYONE should have the opportunity to feel this good.  Yes, I've changed physically but I didn't know I would feel THIS good!  I was gobsmacked when I did my final measurement and I'd lost 48cm!"

Angela P

Teaching Assistant

I want what they've got!

What's included in your 8-week

Peak Physique Club Membership?

There's a new module dropping into your inbox every week containing video messages & lessons from Sam on how to make your portions right for you, how to make your body drop fat easily (and keep doing it!) and how to get your energy & physique back FOR GOOD!  You get a weekly workbook, tools, trackers, exercise programs with instruction videos and loads of easy meal ideas too!  PLUS a Bonus Coaching Video each week where you can ask questions and learn even more!

And don't forget your awesome bonuses ...


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